Multiple giving solutions
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Credit Cards, Debit & EFT

The CoreDonate suite offers a straightforward giving solution for your organization to accept online donations and pledges. The product has been deployed to thousands of ministries, churches, and non profit organizations across the US and Canada. Whether you need to accept donations for a project, missions, outreach, sponsorship, single initiative, monthly tithes, or recurring donations we stand ready to help. Our commitment is to provide you with a first class donation solution that improves your security, reduces your expense, and delivers the best experience for your donors and supporters.

Through our non-cash services, we set out to make it possible for any ministry or nonprofit organization to accept just about any donation that has value. iDonate is an outsourced relationship that “just handles it” for your nonprofit and gives you non-cash donation proceeds as simple cash donations from our nonprofit to yours.


IRS Compliance

Not only do we provide donors with IRS-required receipts, including 1098-C forms for vehicles, but we also show the vehicles in the 990 and file appropriate 1098-C and 8282 forms with the IRS.


You don’t have to call around to find a stranger to sell it for you. We have developed networks with reputable sellers throughout the country for common non-cash donations.

Physical Transfers

You don’t have to worry about going to pick up whatever donation has been offered. We’ll either take care of the towing or help arrange the shipping – from anywhere in the United States.

Donation Solutions

Mobile Giving Platform

Core Donate offers a mobile giving platform that provides a comprehensive mobile presence for all clients without any need for installing or maintaining apps. Patrons may now visit your mobile website and make donations or pay for events all through a mobile browser.Each account may set up a mobile website through the administrative portal by following a few steps. Each site has the ability to have unlimited content as well as payment pages with open or preset amounts. Transactions performed on a mobile site are processed with minimum information therefore minimizing the data entry requirements by the patron.

Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Platform

With Core Donate you can empower individuals or your giving community with Peer-to-Peer fundraising.

Donation Programs

Cornerstone Payment Systems is pleased to offer a unique opportunity for your organization or ministry to save money on credit card processing, while developing ongoing support at the same time. We call the program Processing With A Purpose. The funds generated from this program will go directly to your ministry or non-profit organization. Your donors and supporters simply process their credit cards under this program, and cornerstone Payment Systems will make a donation to your organization for as long as they participate.

Events and Registration

Reaching the world with your message, is a vital part of non-profit organizations. For this reason, Cornerstone has developed solutions to help you better reach your supporters, members, or donors. We offer basic event and registration pages for ministries, non-profit organizations and municipalities across the U.S. and Canada.

We make online and mobile giving simple.