Accept just about any
donation on anything
that has value.


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Non-Cash Donations

Cornerstone has selected iDonate as our partner for non-cash donations. We are very careful when we establish partnerships to serve our clients. We are confident that iDonate will make it possible for any ministry or nonprofit organization to accept just about any non-cash donation that. iDonate “just handles it” for your organization. Their sophisticated expands your ability to accept donations such as cars, trucks, boats, gift cards, computer, jewelry as well as stocks and bonds.


Non-cash donations have different receipting requirements than simple cash gifts. Some requirements are dependent on the type of non-cash asset. We take care of the receipting through iDonate Foundation.

IRS Compliance

Not only do we provide donors with IRS-required receipts, including 1098-C forms for vehicles, but we also show the vehicles in the 990 and file appropriate 1098-C and 8282 forms with the IRS.


You don’t have to call around to find a stranger to sell it for you. We have developed networks with reputable sellers throughout the country for common non-cash donations.

Physical Transfers

You don’t have to worry about going to pick up whatever donation has been offered. We’ll either take care of the towing or help arrange the shipping – from anywhere in the United States.

We make online and mobile giving simple.